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Interview with the creator

We are launching a limited Patti-hat designed in collaboration with Haga Hats. We have talked to Håvard Haga, the designer behind Haga Hats, about the collaboration and his love for hats.  

Tell us about the collab between Envelope1976 and Haga Hats. 
Celine came by my studio one day and we started talking about hats for the Envelope1976 collection, and I felt that it was a really exciting opportunity. The reason is that Envelope1976 and Haga Hats have a lot in common when it comes to sustainability, timeless design, sense of good quality in material selection and collections that are not seasonal but will live over time.

Patti-hat became a result of mentioned outlooks that we share - simple and clean lines, tone-in-tone color options and a modern and a somewhat higher variant than a classic fedora, which sets it apart from many other things on the market and makes it very recognizable.

The limited hat can be reminiscent of a cross between a Borsalino and a floss hat, what else characterizes the unique Patti hat?
Minimalism and a well-thought-out idea that less is more - something both Envelope1976 and Haga Hats stands for. The hats have a slightly higher crown than a classic Borsalino fedora, but after doing this for a while, I've also experienced that; Yes - the threshold for wearing a slightly taller hat may be a little higher, but once you start, the way back to a smaller hat is very long. In addition, it gives an edgy look. Then it is worth mentioning that the Patti hat can be produced with a slightly lower crown - for those who feel it is a safer choice.

Envelope1976 and Haga Hats have a lot in common when it comes to sustainability, timeless design, sense of good quality in material selection, longevity and collections that are not seasonal but will live over time.

Each hat is handmade in your small studio in the basement of Grunerløkka, how many hours goes by until a hat is finished?
It's so hard to say, because it depends on what the hat is going to look like. I usually say a few days to a week's time. There are a number of different processes in making a hat from scratch. In addition, seams are a subject in itself, something I had some knowledge about from before. I bought my first sewing machine 10 years ago because I never found the perfect jeans, only the "almost" perfect pair, and with the sewing machine I could adjust them so that I was completely satisfied. I have never bought any other jeans since. But when it comes to hats, many of the stitches are very visible, and it requires patience and high precision. 

Patti hat comes in white and brown, how do you style the hat?
The great thing about Patti is that it is so minimalist and timeless. My "go-to" outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, a shirt or t-shirt and a blazer - or drop the blazer and wear a lovely long coat, preferably with "peak lapels". It is all styled with a pair of Chelsea boots, other variants of boots, low monk straps or other low leather shoes. Alternatively dress, pumps and Patti hat. Another look I really dig for is a high neck sweater, coat and hat. And maybe a vintage "art deco" brooch attached to the coat for some '60s "feel". So many opportunities. Run your own thing! I think that if you keep the rest of the style relatively "clean", you can wear the hat with anything. 

When did your fascination for hats start? Who inspired you?
It was many years ago. It was probably a combination of a rock`n`roll aesthetic, old photos of, among others, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Patti Smith and Jimi Hendrix - I love the 50s, 60s and 70s. And perhaps most importantly - I think it looks stylish. It adds character. 

When looking for glasses you need to think about face shape and buying a hat is of course the head shape and size important, but do you have any other tips for what to look for when investing in a hat?
I usually say that absolutely everyone can wear a hat - it just depends on the shape of it. Some wear higher hats, others lower. It is okay to think a little about what you usually wear, what style you have, and match your hat with this. The great thing about working with “custom” processes is that my customers can customize and tailor their hat exactly the way they want it.

Material selection is also important, of course, because a hat made from the best materials will keep shape over time and will give you pleasure for many, many years. It costs a bit, but it's worth it. Then it's important to "own" it - wear the hat with pride. 

To what extent is timeless design important to you as a hat maker and designer?
Extremely important. Because I want my clients to be as happy with their hat in 10 years as they are today, and there is a great chance for that if the design is timeless. My hats can sometimes have a subtle detail here or there, but basically the shape of it, the styling of it and the color will allow you to use it for years - even generations. And - over time it really becomes part of your "personality".

What sets my hats apart from most others is the inside. I sew silk lining myself, which means that my client can decide for himself what it is. The inside is just as important as the outside. Here I use everything from leopard and zebra patterns, polka dots or "houndstooth", to statement colors like bright red, or simply plain solid silk that matches the color of the hat - as in Patti. 

What small steps can we all take in everyday life for a more sustainable future?
We are suffering a bit of novophilia in this country - it should end. Buy less clothes and stuff. Wash your clothes far less often - good wool and silk garments both can and should be aired. Invest in quality, make good material choices, take good care of what you have and repair when needed.

Maybe stupid question, but do you ever walk out the door without a hat?
No. As a hat maker, I want to go with my own design. Why else would others buy from me? Besides, I like the idea of having a type of "uniform". I became that man with the hat.



To pre-order the Patti hat send a mail to info@envelope1976.com or
go to HagaHats.com

Size chart: 
Size XS - 53
Size S - 54/55
Size M - 56/57/58
Size L - 59/60
Size XL - 61/62