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Q&A: Helene Skuggedal

Q&A: Helene Skuggedal


What do you do for living?

I used to work with clothes, but after 6 or 7 years in the retail industry I felt ready for something new and more "challenging". I just resigned from my previous job, and I`m now working as a "BPA", which I love so far! I´m also signed with Heartbreak Model Management. The combination of both jobs gives me a variety that I really appreciate!


What are your daily routines? 

My usual daily routine is waking up not too late, and taking a warm shower, followed up by the world´s simplest skincare routine. I´m not a big fan of early breakfasts but I love my coffee in the morning! Then I check my schedule and find out what to wear. I eat my very late breakfast/early lunch before I go to work. If I´m not seeing any friends that day, I make a huge dinner and either crochet or hang out with my roomies. 

Helene wearing our WOODSTOCK coat.  


Who or what inspires you within fashion?

I don´t think that I have a specific person that inspires me in fashion. But I find people who dare to be themselves very inspiring! Styles from different fashion eras give me motivation and ideas on how to style myself. I love to mix punk, oversized and vintage. It inspires me that people often dress as their mood that day. 


What sustainable choices do you make in your wardrobe?

It is now a long time since I bought something completely new. My wardrobe contains mostly vintage, reused, or inherited garments. I never buy new leather or fur. So I would say that the most sustainable choices I make in my wardrobe would be that I avoid fast fashion, I do not support the fur industry, and I try to have a "minimalistic" collection containing long-lasting pieces. 

 @helene.skuggedal on instagram

What is a typical "Helene" item in your wardrobe?

A typical "Helene" item has to be a boxy and oversized vintage leather jacket or platform boots!

 What is your favourite fabric?

I actually love the feeling of linen, but I don´t own any item of that material... I think I have to go with leather or cotton! I love the rough look and the long-lasting quality of the leather! And cotton just feels relaxing and soft. 

 What is your best secondhand/vintage purchase? 

I somehow manage to get hold of a real Burberry coat for 100NOK. Which is insane!! I don´t wear it that often but I think it is one of my best vintage purchases! I also bought a vintage pair of buffalo platforms for a good price! 

 What is on top of your wishlist right now?

It has to be either a huge trench coat in beige or some cool chunky sneakers in black. I miss both of them in my wardrobe!


What is your go to party outfit?

I feel like I have two different personalities when it comes to party outfits. I would either go for: a big shirt with a tie, wide-leg jeans, sneakers/boots, and sunglasses, or: platform boots, fishnet tights, a mini skirt, and a see-through top and blazer. 

What is your fashion weakness, something you are always on the lookout for?

Boots and bags for sure! Both shoes and accessories can add so much personal style to an outfit with potential!

Is there any item you think will never go out of style?

I think that a pair of quality jeans will never go out of fashion! It goes well with almost anything and it´s so easy to style!