Q&A Fatema Fadul — Envelope1976
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Q&A Fatema Fadul

Q&A Fatema Fadul


Green living with a fascination for food and fashion. The woman behind @ato0o0m hope to inspire her followers for a better and more healthy life. Read our Q&A with Fatema Fadul here.

Who: Fatema Fadul @ato0o0m

What: Fashionprofile and youtuber

Where: Kuwait

First of all, Thank you so much for your support. Hope your safe and healthy. Tell us shortly about your weeks in quarantene.

- My days and weeks during quarantine it's all about self learning and do things that I love to do, like reading and makes some healthy recipes .

Fatema in her Gala coat from Envelope1976.

Location right now?  In my home town ( Kuwait)

Stronger Together- what should we all do now?   We all have to stay safe as long as we can. 

When did Your interest for Fashion started?   After age 18 when I realized that I'm obsessed with fashio. 

When did you started up turban sisters youtube? Some years ago, but now we had to stop because we are rebuilding our studio

What are your daily routines?  It depends on today schedule

How do you combine privatelife with the social media life - what do you keep for yourself and what’s ok to share?

- Sometimes it's hard to separate this two lives and you have to be careful, but overall I always share things that I love and I know peoples will love it too and give them the inspiration for a better life.

Where do find your inspiration in your everyday life? From every thing that I'm saw, like movies, old pictures and even from people I see them every day in street

What is style for you?  it's about how you Express yourself, because everything you wear it's all about you and only you.

Check her styling out @ato0o0m - Here in Austin black and Cannes bronze

What key items do you have in your all year round wardrobe? Timeless items... 

Envelope1976 believes in sustainability and classic pieces. Any item that you think never will go out of fashion? A black jacket, jeans and white shirts...

@ato0o0m 3 ways to minimalism.

Reuse of clothes is important to us, do you have any good advice for how to reuse clothes? Using some creative ideas like cut the long sleeved and change the colour by using natural materials from kitchen like spices.

What do you do to have a greener lifestyle? Spread love by doing things healthy and straight in my all day life....